I would be happy to make you a print of whatever size you'd like (up to a certain point), and I can frame it for you, or you can just get the print itself. If I frame it, I put it in a thin silver metal frame with a huge white mat around it. It looks sorta like this:

The biggest print I make myself is 12"x18", and then if you add the big mat and frame that brings it up to 22"x28". That one is currently, maybe, sort of $325, so that's the most expensive thing I do for right now. As far as the smallest, there's really no limit on going tiny, but realistically a 6"x10" print inside a 14"x18" frame is $100. Probably. If you don't want a frame and just want the print, you can subtract some percentage like 30% for example.

Obviously I don't know what I will charge at any given time, cost and sizing details aren't important to me, I just want folks to be happy with what they get. But hopefully it does give you an idea about prices. Also, so you know, there are some size limitations on some of my earlier pictures (only a few currently appear on the website). If turns out you are interested in a larger size of one of those I can work to provide you a preview so you can be clear about how your final print will look.

I use a digital SLR camera and make my finished, editioned, prints myself including matting, cutting the glass, and framing. Materials used are acid free mat board, archival pigmented inks, and premium RC-base photographic paper. I have to do the whole thing otherwise it won't be exactly right when I review the work with a microscope.

It's probably time to say "for more information contact me," so for more information contact me. You can email me at scott@scottmillerphotos.com and we'll figure out how to get you what you'd like. Thanks for the interest!