Thanks for visiting my website and getting this far. That's me in the picture, I'm a 51 year old guy and live in Boulder CO. In the past I've lived in Seattle mostly, some in North Idaho, and before CO was in Tucson AZ. I haven't picked up my photography since moving here but I do plan to make a glorious return. Back in the golden days I took photos all over the country, lastly in southern Arizona. I started out taking scenic landscapes but I've moved away from them. They were a fun way to start but now I am taking what I guess you could call "fine art" photographs. Moody pictures of bleak subjects like dumpsters that you probably wouldn't hang in your house, but gallery patrons will stand in front of for a half hour and finally interpret as the human struggle to accept their mortality. My webiste is out of date in that I've posted almost none of the new stuff. The photos in "urban" are probably the closest. Anyway, in Tucson I was in a couple galleries and hope to replicate that here in CO. Occasionally I get into an art show, despite not using art-speak in my application which I can't stand, but when I do I never get around to mentioning it here so never mind. For a time I was also taking real estate and architectural photography, I don't want to do that anymore though. Once I update my website in 2026 I won't have to explain all this.

If you want to contact me the best way is email. I check it all the time and write back quick. If I don't, you get a free picture. (It might be really tiny though):

Ok bye.